Microstructure and wear performance enhancement of carbon nanotubes reinforced composite coatings fabricated by laser cladding on titanium alloy

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Optics and Laser Technology


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) reinforced composites were deposited on the TA2 titanium alloy by mean of a laser cladding (LC) of the Al Ti-Cu-SiC-CNTs mixed powders, showing that huge amounts of the reinforced nanocrystalline phases/amorphous phases (APs) were fabricated in this coating; large amounts of the point defects were produced in the precipitates under an action of extreme high-temperature of a laser puddle; the mutual diffusion between C/Si can be achieved due to the similar atomic radii of them, forming APs. COF of this LC coating was in a range of 0.443 ~ 0.472, which was significantly lower than that of TA2 (0.562 ~ 0.581); considering that COF of this coating decreased significantly under actions of the Ti-Si-C compounds/CNTs due to self-lubricating effect, the reinforced phases in coating were beneficial to decrease COF due to the dispersion strengthening effect. 3

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