Multiobjective Platooning of Connected and Automated Vehicles Using Distributed Economic Model Predictive Control

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IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems


This paper considers the multi-objective platooning control problem of a group of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) with bidirectional topologies. A new distributed economic model predictive control (DEMPC) algorithm is presented to reconcile the conflict of the control objectives of tracking, safety, stability and fuel economy of the heterogeneous vehicle platoon with guaranteed string stability. Using transient engine energy efficiency indices and cooperative performance of tracking and string stability, two distributed receding horizon optimal control problems are orderly formulated by a Lyapunov-based coupling constraint. Moreover, a new concept of ɣ -string stability is defined for the platoon with bidirectional topologies. Some distributed terminal conditions are then derived to guarantee the recursive feasibility and asymptotic stability of the DEMPC as well as ɣ -string stability of the platoon in the presence of constraints. Compared to traditional platooning control, the new DEMPC has a 4.2% energy-saving of vehicles while achieving the cooperative tasks of the platoon in several simulation scenarios.

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