A High Performance Multi-pulse AC-DC Converter for Adjustable Speed Motor Drives

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering


This work includes a thorough examination in order to design a novel hexagon-connected autotransformer for a 44-pulse AC-DC converter fed vector controlled induction motor drive (VCIMD). Two paralleled twenty two-pulse AC-DC converters, each with an eleven-phase diode bridge rectifier (DBR), constitute the proposed converter. The system’s performance is evaluated in MATLAB/Simulink environment under various operating conditions of the VCIMD. Traditional 6-pulse converter fed VCIMD suffers from power quality problems. This work intends to alter the design of the suggested autotransformer to make it acceptable for applications that employ a 6-pulse AC-DC converter, in order to minimize the drawbacks of 6-pulse DBR supplied VCIMD. The simulation results show that the power quality characteristics of input AC line current have been improved and are in compliance with the IEEE-519 standard. In order to justify the proposed converter's efficiency, a comparative study is also presented in comparison to existing configurations.

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