Customer Analytics Capabilities in the Big Data Spectrum: A Systematic Approach to Achieve Sustainable Firm Performance

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Research Anthology on Big Data Analytics, Architectures, and Applications


Customer analytics plays a vital role in generating insights from big data to improve service innovation, product development, personalization, and managerial decision-making; yet, no academic study has investigated customer analytics capability through which it is possible to achieve sustainable business growth. To close this gap, this chapter explores the constructs of the customer analytics capability by drawing on a systematic review of the literature in the big data spectrum. The chapter’s interpretive framework portrays a definitional aspect of customer analytics, the importance of customer analytics, and customer analytics capability constructs. The study proposes a customer analytics capability model, which consists of four principal constructs and some important sub-constructs. The chapter briefly discusses the challenges and future research direction for developing the customer analytics capability model in the data rich competitive business environment.

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