Laser nano-technology of light materials: Precision and opportunity

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Optics and Laser Technology


This review discusses the main factors of the formation mechanism of the laser fabricated nano-materials, focusing on the precision microstructures, mechanical properties, biocompatibility, also the research status. Laser nano-technology (LNT), that is, the precision nano-particle/structure/texture can be produced in the light alloys under an action of the laser beam, which can effectively improve the properties of the light alloys, mainly including the laser cladding (LC), selective laser melting (SLM) and laser shock peening (LSP) nano-technology. The trend of development of LNT is discussed, which includes: the preparation of the nano-gradient, the amorphous, the quasicrystalline light materials, the smart nano-materials, the connection of LNT and other techniques. Taking full use of the opportunities for the nano-materials produced by LNT to enlarge the applications of the light alloys also overcome the series of the scientific/technological issues in the coming future.

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