Perceptions of Nut Consumption Amongst Australian Nutrition and Health Professionals: An Online Survey

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Habitual nut consumption is associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases; however, consumption levels in Australia are below recommendations. This study examined perceptions and knowledge regarding nut consumption among Australian healthcare professionals and their provision of nut consumption recommendations. A cross-sectional online survey of Australian health professionals was conducted in February-April 2020. Questions in the survey included demographic details, participants’ perceptions of nut consumption, and nut consumption recommendations they may make to clients and patients. A total of 204 health professionals completed the survey, of which 84% were dietitians or nutritionists. Health professionals demonstrated basic nutritional knowledge regarding nut consumption; however, non-dietitians/nutritionists lacked knowledge of long-term benefits of nut consumption. Dietitians/nutritionists were more likely to agree that nuts are healthy and do not cause weight gain when compared to non-dietitians/nutritionists (p = 0.021). A total of 63% of health professionals advised at least some of their clients to eat more nuts, and this was higher among dietitians/nutritionists (68%) than non-dietitians/nutritionists (31%). While basic nutritional knowledge regarding nut consumption was observed among all health professionals, there is scope for further education, particularly for non-dietitians/nutritionists, to ensure that nutrition information provided to patients and clients is accurate and reflects the current evidence base.

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