A Cross-Sectional Audit of Sorghum in Selected Cereal Food Products in Australian Supermarkets

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Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) may play a role in mechanisms that elicit favourable health effects. In Australia, sorghum is successfully grown, but it is not widely consumed, and its presence in common food products is unknown. This study examined the utilisation of sorghum in common food products, specifically breakfast cereals and snack bars, in a cross-sectional study of five supermarkets in New South Wales, over a 7-day period in February 2020. Details relating to ingredients, food format, brand, and product name were recorded. Sorghum was present in 6.1% (23/379) of breakfast cereals in a variety of formats, such as extruded shapes, flour, and puffed grain. In 8.7% of these, sorghum was listed as the first ingredient (greatest contribution by weight). Sorghum was utilised in 2% (6/298) of snack bars mainly as puffed sorghum and was listed in the fourth or subsequent position in the ingredient lists for all. ‘Sorghum’ did not appear in the name of any products. In conclusion, this baseline study indicates that sorghum is present in a small proportion of breakfast cereals and snack bars, highlighting the opportunity for greater investment in sorghum food innovation and marketing that would encourage consumer recognition and expand the product range.

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