Hydrogen energy storage integrated hybrid renewable energy systems: A review analysis for future research directions

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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy


Hydrogen energy storage systems (HydESS) and their integration with renewable energy sources into the grid have the greatest potential for energy production and storage while controlling grid demand to enhance energy sustainability. This paper presents a bibliometric analysis based on a comprehensive review of the highly cited articles on HydESS to provide a detailed insight into future directions and applications. The study was carried out by using the Scopus database search engine to look for filtered keywords in the HydESS and related research. It can be demonstrated that the HydESS literature expanded rapidly from 2016 to 2021 compared to 2011 to 2015. It is found that 89.17% of published articles explained control and test systems-based methods, whereas 10.83% of publications discuss review assessments. Our analysis of highly cited articles on HydESS highlights several aspects, such as methods and systems, issues, difficulties, and challenges to establishing current constraints and research gaps. This evaluation can enhance operational performance, environmental friendliness, energy savings, uninterrupted power supply service, cost benefits, on-site generation, and adaptability. It would be beneficial for technology development and the growth of the hydESS industry. This study may act as a guideline not only for academics in determining the line of research and generating additional discoveries, but also for the government in formulating financial strategies.

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