High-temperature oxidation and wear properties of TiC-reinforced CrMnFeCoNi high entropy alloy composite coatings produced by laser cladding

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Surface and Coatings Technology


Extensive studies have been conducted on high entropy alloy composite coatings reinforced with micro-sized ceramic particles at the room-temperature. However, studies on their high temperatures properties are rare. The oxidation and tribological properties of CrMnFeCoNi/xTiC composite coatings produced by laser cladding were studied at 600 °C. The addition of TiC to the coating promoted the oxidation process due to “short-circuit diffusion”. During the high temperature wear process, brittle cracking did not occur on the worn surface, and a good wear-resistant intermediate layer was formed. The coatings exhibited low hardness, low wear rate, and high coefficient of friction due to the formation of composite oxide film formed on the worn surface with good adhesion to the matrix.

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