The TARGET Nurses' health cohort study protocol: Towards a revolution in getting nurses' health ticked

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Journal of Advanced Nursing


Aim: To evaluate the health status of nurses in China and explore the impact of work-related stress, work environment and lifestyle factors on their health outcomes. Design: The Chinese Nurses' Health Study is a multicentred, prospective cohort study. Methods: We plan to recruit approximately 80,000 registered nurses aged between 18 and 65 years. Eligible nurses will be introduced to complete a series of web-based questionnaires after obtaining their informed consent. Follow-up questionnaires will be completed at 2-year interval to continuously track subsequent exposures. Health-related indicators will be obtained through self-reporting by nurses and the provincial and national registry platforms such as National Central Cancer Registry. The funding was approved in July 2020 and Research Ethics Committee approval was granted in February 2021. Discussion: The study is the first multicentred prospective cohort study that aims to assess the impact of work-related stress, work environment and lifestyle factors on the health of Chinese nurses. The results of the Chinese Nurses' Health Cohort Study will potentially draw a picture of the current situation of general health and well-being among nurses in China and their health risks. This will be critical in recommending locally tailored strategic preventive measures and policies to reduce health and well-being threats for nurses and potentially general public, thereby promoting the quality of healthcare in China and globally. Impact: This study will help to understand the health status and working environment characteristics of Chinese nurses, and provide valuable epidemiological evidence for improving working environment and promoting well-being. The results of this study are potentially of great significance for formulating targeted nursing strategies to promote the nurses' health, nursing quality and patient safety in China and even around the world. Clinical Trial Registration Number and name of trial register: (ID:ChiCTR2100043202), The Nurses' Health Cohort Study of Shandong.

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