Fabrication of TiC-graphene dual-reinforced self-lubricating Al matrix hybrid nanocomposites with superior mechanical and tribological properties

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Tribology International


TiC-graphene dual-reinforced Al matrix hybrid nanocomposites (AMHNs) were synthesised by powder metallurgy. Microstructures, compressive and tribological properties of the AMHNs with different fractions of graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) were studied and compared with Al2024 alloy, and TiC or GNPs singly reinforced Al composites. The results show the microstructures and distributions of TiC and GNPs are homogenised with the increasing content of GNPs. The compressive properties and wear resistance of the composites are improved efficiently by synergistic influences of TiC and GNPs. Significantly, Al-5.0 wt% TiC-1.0 wt% GNPs has the most superior compressive properties and highest wear resistance with a wear rate of 4.62 × 10−4 mm3/Nm, which is a 94.4% reduction compared with that of unreinforced Al alloy.

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