A fast and flexible attribute-based searchable encryption scheme supporting multi-search mechanism in cloud computing

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Computer Standards and Interfaces


How to use efficient search mechanisms to realize data sharing while ensuring data security has become an important research topic at present. In this paper, we propose a new searchable algorithm based on LSSS (Linear Secret Sharing Scheme) access policy, which is superior to previous work in computational and storage efficiency. Our scheme supports various search mechanisms, such as exact search, boolean search and range search mechanism. We use 0,1-coding theory to reduce the number of the numeric keywords, thus improving the range search mechanism. We also prove that our scheme is secure against the selectively chosen-keyword attack (SCKA) in the generic bilinear group model. Furthermore, we evaluate the performance of our scheme by theoretical analysis and experimental simulation, and the result show that our scheme achieves significant improvement in both computational and storage efficiency. To enhance the security and practicality of our scheme, we also deploy our scheme on a private chain and conduct extensive experiments to demonstrate its practical performance.

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