Accelerating Ozonolysis Reactions Using Supplemental RF-Activation of Ions in a Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

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Analytical Chemistry


Gas-phase ion-molecule reactions provide structural insights across a range of analytical applications. A hindrance to the wider use of ion-molecule reactions is that they are relatively slow compared to other ion activation modalities and can thereby impose a bottleneck on the time required to analyze each sample. Here we describe a method for accelerating the rate of ion-molecule reactions involving ozone, implemented by supplementary RF-activation of mass-selected ions within a linear ion trap. Reaction rate accelerations between 15-fold (for ozonolysis of alkenes in ionised lipids) and 90-fold (for ozonation of halide anions) are observed compared to thermal conditions. These enhanced reaction rates with ozone increase sample throughput, aligning the reaction time with the overall duty cycle of the mass spectrometer. We demonstrate that the acceleration is due to the supplementary RF-activation surmounting the activation barrier energy of the entrance channel of the ion-molecule reaction. This rate acceleration is subsequently shown to aid identification of new, low abundance lipid isomers and enables an equivalent increase in the number of lipid species that can be analyzed.

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