The service digitalization in fine-dining restaurants: a cost-benefit perspective

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International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management


Purpose: This study aims to examine the perceived value of service digitalization in fine-dining restaurants in France. No study exists on this topic, and its aim is to address this research gap. To do so, a conceptual framework of the perceived benefits and costs of the service digitalization was developed. This study also provides actionable recommendations for fine-dining restaurant managers to create and manage an optimized fine-dining experience for their customers. Design/methodology/approach: To obtain in-depth information, the authors opted for a qualitative research approach. The authors interviewed 24 fine-dining restaurant managers (listed in the Michelin Guide) and 29 customers of fine-dining restaurants using a video titled “The Restaurant of the Future.” Findings: The findings underline the perceived benefits and costs of service digitalization for both restaurant managers and their customers. This study highlights that fine-dining restaurants are highly experience-centric compared to other types of restaurants and recommends which services should be digitalized and which should not be to create and manage experiences throughout the customer journey. Practical implications: This research provides restaurants with actionable recommendations in terms of service digitalization to enhance customers’ fine-dining experiences. Originality/value: This research fills a gap by proposing a conceptual framework to examine the digitalization of services in fine-dining restaurants.

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