Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3-PbZrO3-PbTiO3 ternary ceramics with temperature-insensitive and superior piezoelectric property

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Journal of the European Ceramic Society


The development of ferroelectric ceramics with both large piezoelectric responses and broad service temperature range is still a key challenge for practical applications due to the so-called d33-TC trade-off. Here we report the strategy to utilize the synergistic contribution of morphotropic phase boundary and enhanced local structural heterogeneity, in which an excellent piezoelectric coefficient d33 of 680 pC/N and a high Curie temperature of 330 ℃ are simultaneously achieved in Sm modified 0.25PIN-0.325PZ-0.425PT ceramics. The underlying mechanism responsible for the high dielectric and piezoelectric properties is studied based on cryogenic dielectric measurement and Rayleigh analysis. Of particular interest is that, a high field-induced strain of 0.19% is achieved in 0.25PIN-0.32PZ-0.43PT at electric field of 20 kV/cm, corresponding to a piezoelectric d33 * of 945 pm/V, showing an excellent temperature stability with minimal variation of 7% up to 310 °C. This work demonstrates the introduction of high temperature end members and rare earth doping are conducive to ferroelectric solid solutions with desired broad usage temperature range and superior piezoelectric properties, which will greatly benefit high temperature actuator applications.

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