Microgrid control methods toward achieving sustainable energy management: A bibliometric analysis for future directions

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Journal of Cleaner Production


Recently, numerous significant advances in control methods have been made in Microgrid development especially in grid-connected mode to ensure a reliable and sustainable operation. The concept of control strategies for inverter systems to ensure proper microgrid integration has sparked a lot of research towards innovation. This review provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of microgrid integrated control methods and energy management systems for both grid-connected and island-based systems. The Scopus database is used to compile a list of the most cited published papers in the field of microgrid control methods and energy management systems, based on predetermined criteria. In the second week of January 2021, the study was performed using the Scopus database. The papers with the most citations were published in 33 different journals from 30 different countries. An 85% of the published articles are based on the control system development and experimental setup whereas 15% are review-based articles. Thus, it can be deduced that this research topic has always been under constant investigation and development in order to enhance the sustainability of microgrid systems in the electric power sector. The paper aims to identify and analyze the highly cited published articles on the respective field to provide future research direction on the microgrid integrated control method and energy management system. The review also underlines numerous factors, issues, challenges, and difficulties that next-generation microgrids must compete with in regards to grid sustainability. Thus, this review will strengthen the scopes and provide context for the development of microgrid integrated control methods and energy management systems in order to achieve an efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable power supply.

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