Self-healing polymers using electrosprayed microcapsules containing oil: Molecular dynamics simulation and experimental studies

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Journal of Molecular Liquids


In the present study, a group of microcapsule-based smart coatings has been investigated to decrease the corrosion rate in oil and gas transmission lines. The microcapsules are made of epoxy resin and self-healing materials such as oil, which acts as a repairing agent. In this study, the parameters affecting the coating performance such as agitation rate in the micro capsulation process, microcapsule size, and percentage of microcapsule used in the coating structure have been investigated and optimized. Also, other properties of the smart coating, such as the ability to protect against corrosion and adhesion of the coating to the substrate, are examined by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis, and pull-off test. The use of microcapsules indicates that as the microcapsules become smaller, the corrosion resistance, as well as the adhesion of the coating to the substrate, is improved. Also, the use of microcapsules in the structure improves the protective capability significantly. The best percentage of microcapsules is the sample with 40 wt%, which increases the corrosion resistance of the coating, although the polymers increase the results of electrochemical and water absorption tests. The formation of microcracks is a serious problem in the use of polymers composites. The creation and spread of these microcracks cause the destruction of these materials and reduces the lifetime of the polymeric material. Above for the synthesis of microcapsules, the method of preparing self-healing polymers and adding them to the containing 40% of microcapsules may provide a suitable coating for carbon steels of oil and gas industries along with a suitable model of its molecular dynamics simulation (MDs).

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