A New Single-Phase AC-DC Cúk Converter

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Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society)


A new single-phase ac-dc cúk converter topology is presented in this paper, which utilizes single control switch for the power transformation. The proposed topology offers 0.998 input power factor which is almost unity, 2.41% input current total harmonic distortion maintaining IEEE-519 standards without any additional filter at the input side, which is considered to be the best performance of the presented converter. The proposed topology also produces highest voltage gain of 7.16. Moreover, the presented topology shows prominent performance under various types of loads. Furthermore, the topology can achieve these promising power qualities with versatile switching periods without any additional control system. Simulations are performed on MATLAB/Simulink platform and the validation of the proposed ac-dc cúk converter topology is accomplished with a scaled down laboratory test bench.

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