The Modern Control Technology of the Linear Generator for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion System

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2021 13th International Symposium on Linear Drives for Industry Applications, LDIA 2021


Electrical power generation from the oceanic wave is one of the noteworthy footsteps in the field of renewable energy resource based energy conversion system. There are different technologies regarding electricity generation by using linear electrical generators along with the wave energy devices. This paper presents various control technologies of the linear generator that are widely been used for harvesting oceanic wave energy. Several controllers are discussed that are used to control the voltage, current, and power flow of the linear generator. Mathematical models of different controllers are discussed. Connection of the controller with the linear generator, input, output, outcome, and method of the controller with their pros and cons are presented as well. In addition, testing devices and their controls for the linear generator are presented with their schematic diagram. This paper would play vital role to the researcher for the future development of the linear generator for oceanic wave energy conversion.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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