Stochastic Programming Based Objective Function Optimization for Predictive Thrust Control of Linear Induction Machine

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Conference Record - IAS Annual Meeting (IEEE Industry Applications Society)


Model predictive thrust control (MPTC) is one of the most effective approaches for linear induction motor (LIM) drive system. It can achieve the optimization of multiple objectives. However, the process of tuning the weighting factors in the objective function is the main drawback of MPTC. It greatly increases the computation burden. In this paper, the tuning process of weighting factors is regarded as a random sampling process. Then, a novel weighting factor optimization method based on the stochastic programming technique is proposed to select the suitable control action for LIM. It will optimize with flux and thrust together to avoid the adjustment of weighting factor. In this paper, the optimal model can be solved by Monte Carlo simulation. At last, the simulation results have shown better dynamic and steady state performance of the proposed method.

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