A novel independent job rescheduling strategy for cloud resilience in the cloud environment

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Applied Computing and Informatics


Purpose: Although proactive fault handling plans are widely spread, many unexpected data center outages still occurred. To rescue the jobs from faulty data centers, the authors propose a novel independent job rescheduling strategy for cloud resilience to reschedule the task from the faulty data center to other working-proper cloud data centers, by jointly considering job nature, timeline scenario and overall cloud performance. Design/methodology/approach: A job parsing system and a priority assignment system are developed to identify the eligible time slots for the jobs and prioritize the jobs, respectively. A dynamic job rescheduling algorithm is proposed. Findings: The simulation results show that our proposed approach has better cloud resiliency and load balancing performance than the HEFT series approaches. Originality/value: This paper contributes to the cloud resilience by developing a novel job prioritizing, task rescheduling and timeline allocation method when facing faults.

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