What is the impact of skincare bundles on the development of skin tears in older adults? A systematic review

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International Journal of Older People Nursing


Aim: This review explores the impact of skincare bundles on the development of skin tears in older adults (≥65 years). Method: A systematic search of publications using MEDLINE, CINAHL and Cochrane databases was conducted in July 2020. The evidence-based librarianship (EBL) checklist assessed the methodological quality of the included studies. Data were extracted using a pre-designed extraction tool, and a narrative analysis was undertaken. Results: Following the search, 71 records were returned, with seven satisfying the inclusion criteria. The studies were conducted between 2003 and 2015, and 57% (n = 4) of these employed a pre-post study design. The mean sample size was 155 participants (SD = ±117.6). All the included studies (100%, n = 8) identified that there was a direct relationship between the use of skincare bundles and the reduction in the incidence of skin tears in the elderly. The EBL scores varied between 65% and 91%. In total, 85.7% (n = 6) of the studies scored ≥75%, reflecting validity. Conclusion: This systematic review highlights the connection between skincare bundles and the reduction of the number of skin tears in the older population (≥65 years). Further research with larger sample sizes and longer study duration to validate these findings, which will provide a comprehensive insight into the prevention of the incidence of skin tears. Further studies are justified given that skin tear bundles can reduce the rate of injuries that are easily acquired by the elderly due to the nature of their frail skin, they also can help prevent skin tears from turning into chronic wounds and can decrease hospital admissions associated with hospital-acquired infections.

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