Recent Progress on Fe-Based Single/Dual-Atom Catalysts for Zn–Air Batteries

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As one of the most competitive candidates for large-scale energy storage, zinc–air batteries (ZABs) have attracted great attention due to their high theoretical specific energy density, low toxicity, high abundance, and high safety. It is highly desirable but still remains a huge challenge, however, to achieve cheap and efficient electrocatalysts to promote their commercialization. Recently, Fe-based single-atom and dual-atom catalysts (SACs and DACs, respectively) have emerged as powerful candidates for ZABs derived from their maximum utilization of atoms, excellent catalytic performance, and low price. In this review, some fundamental concepts in the field of ZABs are presented and the recent progress on the reported Fe-based SACs and DACs is summarized, mainly focusing on the relationship between structure and performance at the atomic level, with the aim of providing helpful guidelines for future rational designs of efficient electrocatalysts with atomically dispersed active sites. Finally, the great advantages and future challenges in this field of ZABs are also discussed.

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