Dispatch Strategy Based Optimized Design of an Offgrid Hybrid Microgrid Using Renewable Sources

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Proceedings of 2021 31st Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, AUPEC 2021


An optimal design and evaluation of a hybrid microgrid consisting of different renewable sources according to five dispatch methods is conducted in this research. The optimal design, costing and environmental impact of the proposed micro-grid have been performed in HOMER Pro software environment. Feasibility and power system response analysis of the proposed microgrid have been performed in MATLAB/Simulink software environment. Consequently, the best and worst dispatch methods for the proposed microgrid have been identified based on the performance of different dispatch techniques. Also, a comparative study is presented in this paper, among the designed microgrid, other hybrid microgrid and other conventional power stations. The results show that the proposed microgrid has reduced cost and emission of harmful gas than the other designs and it also offers feasible and stable power system responses. The study includes five dispatch strategies and among them, load following is found as the best strategy for the microgrid having minimum costs and best power system responses. This study is compatible with similar locations with identical meteorological profile and load demand.

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