Voltage stability with wind power generation

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Handbook Of Renewable Energy Technology & Systems


Voltage stability is an imperative issue for power networks with significant wind penetration as synchronous machines that provide voltage support are being replaced by wind generation. This chapter comprehensively examines different types of voltage stability issues with wind power generation with special emphasis on reactive power capability of different wind generator types. More specifically, small-disturbance voltage stability and short- and long-term voltage stability are investigated with doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind generation using different test systems. Small-disturbance voltage stability is investigated by considering different wind penetration levels and control strategies for wind generators by using the IEEE-14 bus test system. The short-term voltage stability is investigated by using a test network with induction machine load, and the Nordic test system was used to assess the long-term voltage stability. According to the investigation, each voltage stability type is affected by DFIG wind generation and reactive power capability, and the dynamic response of DFIG wind farms have a direct influence on voltage stability.

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