Optimal Algorithms for Energy Storage Systems in Microgrid Applications: An Analytical Evaluation Towards Future Directions

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The optimal algorithm of Energy Storage System (ESS) has gained remarkable attention in developing a microgrid (MG) system to reduce the intensity of carbon emission in the electricity sector and alleviate the environmental impact by 2050. This article provides a historical background and a comprehensive analysis of the optimal algorithm of ESS in MG applications. A brief search has been directed through the Scopus database with some predefined conditions on the last week of January 2021 over 11 years to select the top-cited articles. This bibliometric study is evaluated in this field over the last decades based on the year of publication, interrelation of co- occurrence keywords, articles type, country of origin, journal, and publisher that published the 120 top-cited articles. A sum of 4995 articles was revealed within the year 2010 to 2020 in the field of the optimal algorithm of ESS in MG applications, and the top-most 120 papers were received in total 23003 citations (mean-119.69; median-157.5). Articles having the highest citation revealed in 30 different journals, 27 different regions and 6 different publishers. This bibliometric approach of ESS in MG applications offers the trends of research, gaps of this field, and knowledge essential for further development and advancement in this area. It is predicted that extracting, evaluating, and investigating the top-most cited articles will support further research in the optimal algorithm of ESS in MG applications.

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