Rule-based fuzzy controller for solid state transfer switch towards fast sensitive loads transfer

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


This paper deals with the development of an intelligent fuzzy logic controller for SSTS towards fast fault detection and power transfer to the alternative feeder. A set of fuzzy rules are developed for the controller which in turn shift the loads from the preferred feeder to the alternate feeder with quality power resolving fault interruption or voltage sags. The voltage and the current control loop generate a signal to the fuzzy control block to provide an on or off pulse for the switches upon activate fuzzy rules in the interference engine. In this study, a compilation of 35%, 50%, 70%, and 100% faults are created to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy controller towards detecting fault levels and transferring power to the desired feeder. It was discovered that the proposed fuzzy logic controller detects faults in the range of 0.054 to 0.061 milliseconds and transfers power in the range of 1.742 to 3.107 milliseconds, which is significantly faster and more reliable than the existing literature.

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