Improvement of Transient Stability of the Power Networks by an Intelligent Auto-Reclosing Scheme in the Presence of Synchronous-Based DGs

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


This research article presents an adaptive auto-reclosing scheme to preserve the network stability in post-fault scenarios for the power grids equipped with synchronous-based distributed generations (SBDGs). Based on the precise fault location information, the proposed adaptive reclosing strategy will classify all the fault events in either reclosing or block reclosing zones. Furthermore, the proposed intelligent auto-reclosing scheme will ensure safe and stable network operation by preventing hazardous futile reclosing attempts against persistent faults in forestry or densely populated areas due to serious safety concerns. The swift fault removal by the associated protective devices (PDs) will assist in ensuring the stable operation of the power grid after the fault clearance. If the fault is in the reclosing zones, the adaption of the proposed scheme will permit the reclosing at an appropriate instant to preserve the network stability against momentary faults. However, it will also ensure quick fault clearance by permitting the associated PD to directly operate against the permanent faults by disabling the fast operation of the auto-recloser. The validation of the proposed protection strategy has been carried out using the IEEE standardized test system with multiple SBDG units to demonstrate its effectiveness in comparison with the conventional reclosing practices. A comparative analysis has been presented to illustrate the efficacy of the proposed scheme to reduce substantially the post fault swings for different fault events.

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