A robust, low-voltage driven millirobot based on transparent ferroelectric crystals

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Applied Physics Letters


Low driving voltage is important for miniaturization and untethered service of millirobots made of piezoelectric materials. In this research, we designed a bio-inspired bimorph-structured millirobot with a transparent relaxor ferroelectric crystal. Due to the ultrahigh piezoelectricity of the relaxor ferroelectric crystals and the optimized bimorph-based structure, the millirobot shows a maximum moving speed up to 9.22 b s-1 (body length per second) at 100 V, while the minimum driving voltage for initial movement can be as low as 3V, which is more than two orders of magnitude smaller than that of millirobot based on dielectric elastomers. The maximum and minimum power consumptions of the millirobot are 71.6 mW and 85.9 lW, respectively. The robustness of the millirobot is reflected in its mechanical load stability carrying a 78 g mass (97.5 times of its weight) and its cryogenic tolerance. This work is believed to be beneficial to the design of various robust electromechanical devices with low driving voltage.

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National Natural Science Foundation of China



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