A New Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Topology with Level Shifted Multicarrier PWM Technique for Harvesting Renewable Energy

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IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications


This paper presents a new hybrid three-phase cascaded modular multilevel inverter developed with reduced switch count for harvesting renewable energy. The basic module of the proposed inverter consists of six switches, three asymmetric dc links, and two blocking diodes. The inverter can generate six positive voltage states, which are negatively polarized by the end-side H-bridge unit. As a result, higher number of voltage levels are obtained with minimum number of switches that ensure reduced total harmonic distortion in the grid current. Additionally, the proposed inverter can operate at comparatively lower switching frequency, which decreases the switching loss. Most of the switches in each individual module conduct for a small period resulting in low conduction losses. The reduced switch count with the low switching and conduction losses increases the compactness and the efficiency of the proposed inverter. Multiple high-frequency magnetic links are utilized for the dc sources required for the proposed inverter to achieve inherent dc-link voltage balancing ability and galvanic isolation. The performance of the proposed inverter is validated by simulation and experimental investigations.

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