Multifunctional skin-compliant wearable sensors for monitoring human condition applications

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Applied Materials Today


Wearable sensors and devices capable of simulating human somatosensation are highly desirable to develop the next generation of electronic skins (e-skins), human-machine interfaces, and soft robotics. Herein, the design of flexible and skin-compliant capacitive pressure sensors for monitoring human motion and physiological signals by electrical signal conversion is reported. The introduction of air chambers into elastomeric polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate led to the development of pressure sensors with high sensitivity (0.82 kPa−1, up to 20% strain), capable of detecting both static and dynamic mechanical stimuli (17 nm/s), with a low Limit of Detection (LOD) of 1 Pa. Furthermore, the pressure sensors present an ultra-fast rise time (31.2 ms) and bandwidth (11.2 Hz), negligible hysteresis, and excellent cycling stability (> 10,000 cycles). Successful monitoring of human movement (e.g., arms bending), haptics, and physiological signals like heart and respiratory rates, demonstrate the potential of these sensors for wearable biosensing applications.

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