Vehicle to grid connected technologies and charging strategies: Operation, control, issues and recommendations

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Journal of Cleaner Production


Since a significant number of electric vehicles (EVs) are progressively hitting the market, vehicle to grid (V2G) technology has gotten a lot of attention. Electric vehicles can be employed as mobile storage devices to assist in load balancing in the power grid as a specialised electricity load. In addition, the EVs development will have a number of impacts and benefits on the grid, including load leveling, voltage and frequency regulation, peak load shaving, smooth integration of renewable energies, and reactive power compensation. However, it has some negative impacts on the grid. The literature reviews the impact of V2G technologies and charging strategies along with their operations, control, and issues are sufficiently covered in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to discuss and investigate the opportunities, challenges, and technologies of EVs in a V2G connecting system. Moreover, the V2G topologies, operations, applications, issues, control systems, main features, updated details, pros, cons, and related applications are comprehensively reviewed. This paper discusses the benefits of both the EV owners and the power grid. This paper concludes with potential recommendations for future research directions to solve the existing research gaps and issues.

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