What is the impact of video as a teaching method on achieving psychomotor skills in nursing? A systematic review and meta-analysis

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Nurse Education Today


Objectives: The aim of this systematic review (SR) is to establish if video is a beneficial teaching method when teaching psychomotor skills in nursing. Design: Systematic review. Data sources: A database search of CINAHL, MEDLINE, EMBASE and Cochrane was performed with search terms ‘video’, ‘nurse’ ‘RCT’ and ‘practical skills’ resulting in seventy-four research articles. Review method: All research articles yielded from the searches from the specified databases were scanned while considering the research question, and the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Data were assessed by two independent reviewers on the title and abstract content initially, papers then considered at this point had the full text studied. Data extraction and table were compiled with headings of interest considering the research question. A narrative piece was written on the extraction table. Quality appraisal was performed by using RevMan software Version 5.3 to assess the internal validity of all eight studies. Results: This systematic review supports the use of video as a teaching method when achieving psychomotor skills. Nine different practical clinical skills have been taught throughout the papers and six out of the eight research papers concluded that video is a beneficial teaching method. Conclusion: Video can be communicated via many modes, including mobile devices, making it very accessible to the user while facilitating guidance at their fingertips while providing current evidence-based care to the patient. This review suggests that making video accessible to the learner, is a positive addition when teaching and learning psychomotor skills.

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