Photoresponse of high quality epitaxial BiFeO3 films grown through hydrothermal method and rapid microwave assisted method

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Ceramics International


High quality BiFeO3 film with enhanced remanent polarization and magnetization attracts much interest for its great application potential in information storage and photoelectric devices. Here we grew single-crystal epitaxial BiFeO3 film on SrTiO3 substrate through hydrothermal method at low temperature, the film has a quality higher than any reported BiFeO3 films grown through hydrothermal method. Furthermore, BiFeO3 film was grown through a 25 min rapid microwave-assisted hydrothermal process. The two BiFeO3 films exhibited obvious light response to periodically switching on and off of a LED light, and the film grown through microwave-assisted hydrothermal method produced a 4.7V open-circuit voltage exceeding the band gap of BiFeO3 originating from the ferroelectric photovoltaic effect. These results demonstrate that hydrothermal and microwave-assisted hydrothermal method are simple, inexpensive and rapid to grow high quality epitaxial BiFeO3 film with potential application in photoelectric detection and photovoltaic.

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