Wireless Information and Power Transfer Using Full-Duplex Self-Energy Recycling Relays

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IEEE Access


This paper proposes a Polarization-Enabled Digital Self-Interference Cancellation (PDC)-based Full-Duplex (FD) network with an energy-harvesting-enabled source and a Self-Energy Recycling (SER)-enabled relay. The fixed power supply at the relay is only used in the first phase to broadcast energy signals to the source. During this process, the receive antenna of the relay also receives the energy signals, allowing the relay to recycle its own energy. In the remaining phase, the recycled power is used at the relay to forward signals from the source to the destination, using the PDC-based full-duplex technique. An in-depth analysis and comparison of the throughput of the proposed system with that of the non-recycling counterpart are presented. The power saving and throughput improvement capabilities of the SER enabled system is researched. In particular, the consumed power in the proposed system can be reduced by up to 80% to achieve the same throughput compared to the non-recycling system for a small-To-medium distance range between the relay and the destination. Alternatively, the proposed FD-SER system can boost the system throughput by 1.61 times the non-recycling counterpart with the same power consumption.

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