CoS2 Nanoparticles Anchored on MoS2 Nanorods As a Superior Bifunctional Electrocatalyst Boosting Li2O2 Heteroepitaxial Growth for Rechargeable Li-O2 Batteries

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Developing an excellent bifunctional catalyst is essential for the commercial application of Li-O2 batteries. Heterostructures exhibit great application potential in the field of energy catalysis because of the accelerated charge transfer and increased active sites on their surfaces. In this work, CoS2 nanoparticles decorated on MoS2 nanorods are constructed and act as a superior cathode catalyst for Li-O2 batteries. Coupling MoS2 and CoS2 can not only synergistically enhance their electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity, but also promote the heteroepitaxial growth of discharge products on the heterojunction interfaces, thus delivering high discharge capacity, stable cycle performance, and good rate capability.

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