Outcomes of COVID-19 in the community

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Australian Journal of General Practice


Background and objective The literature indicates that patients who had previously had COVID-19 are reporting ongoing symptoms. The objective of this study was to examine ongoing symptoms, functional limitations and quality of life over time in a cohort of individuals who were deemed to have recovered. Methods This was a prospective observational study on biopsychosocial outcomes at enrolment and again one month later. Results In a cohort of 59 participants, ongoing symptoms were reported by 73% at 4.5 months (standard deviation = 1.4) post diagnosis, with 45% reporting difficulty with pre-illness activities of daily living. Of the 52 participants who completed the follow-up survey (mean 5.6 months post diagnosis), 42% reported ongoing symptoms, lower physical quality of life (12-Item Short Form Health Survey) and higher levels of anxiety, depression and stress (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale). Discussion Ongoing symptoms such as fatigue, pain and limb weakness as well as functional impairment post initial diagnosis were common. Improved understanding of this cohort can assist general practitioners in providing care.

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