A sub-6 ghz mimo antenna array for 5g wireless terminals

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Electronics (Switzerland)


This paper presents a novel antenna with its array and MIMO configuration for the 5G sub-6 GHz applications. The proposed antenna element operates at the central frequency of 5.57 GHz dedicated for Sub-6 GHz 5G communication applications. The antenna element holds a circular-shaped radiating portion with an inner-circular slot, plus a rectangular slot at its right edge to make the proposed design resonate at the desired frequency band. The RT5880 substrate is used with a thickness of 0.787 mm, and the low-loss tangent of 0.0009. To achieve a desired gain of 12 dB, a four-element array configuration is adopted, which improved a bore side gain to 12.4 dB from 6.66 dB. Then, the two-port configuration is adopted such that the isolation achieved between them is more than −30 dB. The total efficiency of the proposed antenna array is observed to be more than 80% within the operating bandwidth. Moreover, the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) analysis is also presented for the proposed MIMO configuration, obeying the standard value (i.e., <2 W/kg for any 10 g of tissue). The measured results are in good agreement with the simulated results. All the simulations of the proposed design are performed in the CST MWS software.

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