A three-dimensional integrated non-linear coordinate control framework for combined yaw-and roll-stability control during tyre blow-out

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A tyre blow-out can greatly affect vehicle stability and cause serious accidents. In the literature, however, studies on comprehensive three-dimensional vehicle dynamics modelling and stability control strategies in the event of a sudden tyre blow-out are seriously lacking. In this study, a comprehensive 14 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) vehicle dynamics model is first proposed to describe the vehicle yaw-plane and roll-plane dynamics performance after a tyre blow-out. Then, based on the proposed 14 DOF dynamics model, an integrated control framework for a combined yaw plane and roll-plane stability control is presented. This integrated control framework consists of a vehicle state predictor, an upper-level control mode supervisor and a lower-level 14 DOF model predictive controller (MPC). The state predictor is designed to predict the vehicle’s future states, and the upper-level control mode supervisor can use these future states to determine a suitable control mode. After that, based on the selected control mode, the lower-level MPC can control the individual driving actuator to achieve the combined yaw plane and roll plane control. Finally, a series of simulation tests are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

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