Optimization of a grid-connected microgrid using tidal and wind energy in cook strait

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The Cook Strait in New Zealand is an ideal location for wind and tidal renewable sources of energy due to its strong winds and tidal currents. The integration of both technologies can help to avoid the detrimental effects of fossil fuels and to reduce the cost of electricity. Although tidal renewable sources have not been used for electricity generation in New Zealand, a recent investigation, using the MetOcean model, has identified Terawhiti in Cook Strait as a superior location for generating tidal power. This paper investigates three different configurations of wind, tidal, and wind plus tidal sources to evaluate tidal potential. Several simulations have been conducted to design a DC-linked microgrid for electricity generation in Cook Strait using HOMER Pro, RETScreen, and WRPLOT software. The results show that Terawhiti, in Cook Strait, is suitable for an offshore wind farm to supply electricity to the grid, considering the higher renewable fraction and the lower net present cost in comparison with those using only tidal turbines or using both wind and tidal turbines.

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National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research



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