A nomographic tool to assess solar PV hosting capacity constrained by voltage rise in low-voltage distribution networks

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International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems


Proliferation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation in low voltage (LV) distribution networks has imposed a set of challenges in network operation and control. Voltage rise is currently the main constraint that limits solar PV capacity increase in LV networks. Together with this, there is a growing need for a generalised and versatile tool which utilities can use to deal with customer requests for new solar PV connections. This paper proposes a generalised approach to assess solar PV hosting capacity (HC) subjected to over-voltage curtailment based on a Nomogram representation, which facilitates reasonable modeling insights for HC assessment in LV networks. In addition, solar PV connection criteria are further developed using the Nomogram representation of HC evaluation. The proposed Nomogram based approach for HC assessment and connection criteria will contribute to further improvement of available guidelines on solar PV connections in LV networks.

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