Development and validation of a new tool to identify factors that influence users’ motivation toward the use of teleconsultation systems: A modified Delphi study

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International Journal of Medical Informatics


Background: Healthcare providers have improved consumer access to healthcare services by the adoption of information communication technology and the use of telemedicine. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are shifting to remote teleconsultation. There are several studies regarding consumers’ acceptance and satisfaction with telemedicine among healthcare providers and a few among patients at healthcare facilities. However, studies about patients’ motivation toward the use of teleconsultation systems are very few. Aim: The aim of this study was to validate an instrument of a newly developed framework to identify factors that motivate patients to use a teleconsultation system. Method: This study used a modified eDelphi method incorporating content validity index and content validity ratio procedures to validate the instrument among fifteen experts from different disciplines. The eDelphi consisted of three rounds to review each item's relevance, clarity, importance and the overall validity of the instrument. Result: The result showed a significant level of agreement among experts for individual items’ relevance, clarity and importance. For relevance, all items had excellent I-CVI above 0.889, except one item with I-CVI = 0.78, which is still acceptable. For clarity, all items had an excellent I-CVI > 0.889, except one with I-CVI = 0.667. For importance, most items had CVR above the threshold value of 0.778, except 5 items. Also, the result showed moderate to high content validity of the overall instrument (S-CVI/UA = 0.694; S-CVI/Ave = 0.996). Discussion: These findings support the validity and reliability of the developed instrument, which can be used to identify factors that motivated patients to use a teleconsultation system. Future testing of the instrument should be conducted with a larger population that uses a teleconsultation system. Conclusion: An instrument was developed to identify factors that motivated consumers to use teleconsultation, using a modified eDelphi method among experts. The eDelphi method consisted of three rounds and the results showed that the instrument is a valid and reliable tool.

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