Absolute differential cross-sections for elastic electron scattering from sevoflurane molecule in the energy range from 50–300 ev

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences


We report the results of the measurements and calculations of the absolute differential elastic electron scattering cross-sections (DCSs) from sevoflurane molecule (C4H3F7O). The experimental absolute DCSs for elastic electron scattering were obtained for the incident electron energies from 50 eV to 300 eV, and for scattering angles from 25◦ to 125◦ using a crossed electron/target beams setup and the relative flow technique for calibration to the absolute scale. For the calculations, we have used the IAM-SCAR+I method (independent atom model (IAM) applying the screened additivity rule (SCAR) with interference terms included (I)). The molecular cross-sections were obtained from the atomic data by using the SCAR procedure, incorporating interference term corrections, by summing all the relevant atomic amplitudes, including the phase coefficients. In this approach, we obtain the molecular differential scattering cross-section (DCS), which, integrated over the scattered electron angular range, gives the integral scattering cross-section (ICS). Calculated cross-sections agree very well with experimental results, in the whole energy and angular range.

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