RNA metabolism and links to inflammatory regulation and disease

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Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences


Inflammation is vital to protect the host against foreign organism invasion and cellular damage. It requires tight and concise gene expression for regulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory gene expression in immune cells. Dysregulated immune responses caused by gene mutations and errors in post-transcriptional regulation can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases and cancer. The mechanisms underlying post-transcriptional gene expression regulation include mRNA splicing, mRNA export, mRNA localisation, mRNA stability, RNA/protein interaction, and post-translational events such as protein stability and modification. The majority of studies to date have focused on transcriptional control pathways. However, post-transcriptional regulation of mRNA in eukaryotes is equally important and related information is lacking. In this review, we will focus on the mechanisms involved in the pre-mRNA splicing events, mRNA surveillance, RNA degradation pathways, disorders or symptoms caused by mutations or errors in post-transcriptional regulation during innate immunity especially toll-like receptor mediated pathways.

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