Performance of an auxetic honeycomb-core sandwich panel under close-in and far-field detonations of high explosive

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Composite Structures


This paper aims to scrutinise the effectiveness of a re-entrant auxetic honeycomb-core sandwich panel (AHSP) to protect reinforced concrete (RC) slab under close-in and far-field detonations of high explosive. A series of quarter symmetric 3D comprehensive numerical models were developed by using Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) formulation in LS-DYNA hydrocode. Strain rate effects of the rate sensitive materials were employed in the model to consider dynamic behaviour of the materials during blast loading. The developed numerical model was validated with the documented experimental results. Deformation patterns, energy absorption, overpressure damping, blast pressure deflection, and stress-transmission to the protected structure were investigated with the computational models. Furthermore, the performance of AHSP sacrificial protective structure was compared with an equivalent areal density conventional honeycomb-core sandwich panel (CHSP) structure. The results showed that AHSP not only absorbed higher blast energy but also acted as a pressure deflector by forming a densified concave depression under close-in blast load. AHSP damped higher magnitude of blast overpressure in both close-in and far-field blasts. Moreover, a uniform redistribution of the stress on the protected structure was observed with AHSP protection. The overall response of AHSP was found to be better than CHSP to protect the RC slab.

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