Tailoring the morphology of BiNbO4 of polymorph in 2D nanosheets for enhancement of photocatalytic activity in the visible range

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Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures


In this study, BiNbO4 nanoplates were successfully synthesized by the molten salt's method. The morphology, crystalline structure, optical and photocatalysis properties were investigated in detail. The crystal structure and micrographs results confirm the existence of polymorph heterostructure and nanoplates like morphology of materials. The photocatalysis results show that the samples exhibit high performance toward decolorating two dyes and also phenol. The methylene orange and Rhodamine B were completely decolored within 80 min under-stimulated light. After 120 min, 20% of the phenol was photodegraded. The results indicated that BiNbO4 nanoplates have superior photocatalytic performance and appropriate conduction and valence band position. The design strategy that can control the morphology of BINbO4 has led to another route of synthesis; the method of synthesis has resulted in environmentally friendly materials that are suitable for photodegradation of pollutants and water splitting applications.

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