Incorporating movie clips to validate learning: A students’ assessment

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Athens Journal of Education


The use of movie-based educational interventions has been widely used in the pedagogy of psychology. Wherein most of the researchers have included full-length movies in their teaching followed by students’ comments of its effectiveness; the current research was carried out to examine if or not students will be able to find relevant clips from the list of movies provided and incorporate those in their group workshops after being exposed to the theoretical knowledge in their lecture class. To gauge how the participants received it and what suggestions do they have to offer for the improvement of this innovative exercise an anonymous survey and a semi open-ended interview was used. The research was conducted in three trimesters of academic years 2018 and 2019. On analysis of the raw data, it was found that the students rated the assignment favorably and reported that movie clips helped them understand the course material better and enabled them to apply psychological concepts to real-life situations. The findings suggest that movie clips can facilitate the learning process and can prove to be an efficacious tool to validate students’ learning.

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