s-Tetrazine donor-acceptor electrodeposited layer with properties controlled by doping anions generally considered as interchangeable

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Electrochimica Acta


Two donor-acceptor (D-A) s-tetrazine derivatives are reported, their electrochemical, optical and spectroelectrochemical (UV-Vis and EPR) analysis is carried out. Thiophene ring, in the case of TzTH and terthiophene unit for Tz3TH serves as a donor group which are linked with s-tetrazine ring via nonconjugated spacer. Investigations have shown that such design of molecule lets to tune the band-gap by changing in the strength of donor part without affecting of the reduction process of the s-tetrazine ring. Additionally, Tz3TH undergoes electrochemical polymerization and depending on doping anion (BF4−orPF6−) used for electropolymerization, the electrodeposited layers exhibit different properties. By selection of proper electrolyte salt, the stability and conjugation level of obtained layer can be tuned.

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CE 140100012

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Australian National Fabrication Facility



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