Social media use in disaster recovery: A systematic literature review

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International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction


Studies on the role of social media in disaster management have so far focused mainly on early phases of the disaster response process. Published evidence regarding the scope and effectiveness of social media use in the recovery phase is limited but promising. There is currently no study that provides a comprehensive picture of the current research landscape that can inform different groups who need to capitalise on social media for disaster recovery. The present study aims to address this research gap by conducting a systematic literature review of social media use in disaster recovery. The review analyses the relevant studies to identify any temporal variations in research activity, the social media platforms most frequently used in disaster recovery, their patterns of use by type of disaster as well as the geographical locations where the studies have focused. Importantly, the paper identifies and summarises research findings relating to social media use in various aspects of disaster recovery, including (1) donations and financial support, (2) solidarity and social cohesion, (3) post-disaster reconstruction and infrastructure services, (4) socioeconomic and physical wellbeing, (5) information support, (6) mental health and emotional support, and (7) business & economic activities. We envisage that this comprehensive review will support the disaster risk reduction community with the requisite knowledge to better explore social media for disaster recovery. Similarly, future research may find the study helpful for understanding the state of knowledge and identifying research gaps around social media use for disaster recovery.

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