Fibrous cathode materials for advanced sodium-chalcogen batteries

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Energy Storage Materials


Recent advances in fibrous chalcogen-based cathode materials with fast electron/ion transport, prolonged cycling stability, high capacities, and superior rate capability have shed light on new opportunities for next-generation high-performance sodium-ion storage technologies. In this review, we focus on recent critical advancements of fibrous cathode materials for advanced sodium-chalcogen battery prototypes, covering Na-S batteries, Na-Se batteries, Na-SexSy batteries, and Na-Te batteries. First of all, essential advantages of fibrous materials in compositions, structures, and properties are described in detail to generalize the realization towards them. Next, we qualitatively summarize the preparation techniques of fibrous substrates. Then, the applications of fibrous cathode materials in all the sodium-chalcogen battery systems are comprehensively discussed, encompassing their rational synthesis, structural design and optimization, basic properties, and electrochemical performance. Finally, we make a brief summary and present the perspectives for future development of fibrous cathode materials in advanced sodium-chalcogen batteries, aiming to provide useful guidelines.

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